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For those who have some kind of doubts about how we work, I answer some of the most frequent questions that customers ask me, I hope it serves you.

What is AliciaDollsHouse?

We are a directory of executive level escorts. Therefore, you will find escorts, models and hostesses from 18 years old and up. Most of the girls that you find here are students, hostesses, normal girls who need extra income, they are not sex professional servants.

What makes AliciaDollsHouse different from the other escort websites?

From the outset, I try to make the process simpler and more human. You can schedule from almost any platform in real time (mail, msn, skype, whatsapp, sms, radio, cel, chat in aliciadollshouse.com, facebook, twitter). Normally I’m on the other side to respond to the moment, and if I’m not me, someone in charge of the office. In the same way, we only work with our own photographs, we do them with our photographer, in the same motels where you hire, so you can be sure that the girls are real. We work a lot in the customer’s attention, there is always someone to answer questions, doubts, to help you decide or to receive a complaint if there is one. We never hide, for an appointment to go well we have to do our part and we always will, a satisfied customer always comes back.

We also provide extensive coverage in social networks, so that even from your work, if you can not access the web, you can access our updated material and inform yourself. We have the same information with newsletter that is sent to frequent customers on a weekly basis, weekly promotions on the web, we offer games via face to earn discounts … the option of baptizing new girls for TCF … attend photo sessions … review contests … we try to get involved in the web, make this sport more dynamic and fun, we want to be your trusted agency, but we also want to be a fan of AliciaDollsHouse be something fun, not limit ourselves to upload pictures of kids and now … from there the face and twitter campaigns, the discount contests …


What guarantees do I have that the girl is the one in the photos?
Actually, the guarantee you have is my word. It does not make much sense to upload false photos, you can fool many of them some time, not all of them all the time … and we’ve been online for years. That is not achieved by deceiving people. Obviously, the best pictures of each girl are uploaded, but we all do it even in our personal life, we upload to the face that photo in which we like the most, we put in profile in which our shortcomings are less noticeable and our virtues are highlighted … this is the same.


What guarantees do I have that the girls are in perfect health? Do you carry your Health Card?
Here we are mixing concepts, you can not look for a semi-amateur girl, a university escort who goes to health and signs a record as sex-servant for the rest of her life … that’s for girls who live off this, for sex servants professionals. The girls who work here are amateurs or semi amateurs the vast majority, they do this in a sporadic way, so they, like you, want this hobby not to go any further, they are the first interested in taking care of their health status, in Check periodically with your gynecologist. For that reason, there are girls who do not offer natural oral, for example (when it is like that, I put it in the profile), and for that reason, absolutely always the relations are with condoms.


How current are the photos? All the girls on the web are available?
Every so often, every 4 months, the photo book of the girls who continue working is renewed, some are only a short season, so it is not necessary. In the case of new girls, we only work with photographs that our photographer has made, if you even always make them in the same motels, you must recognize the decoration in the photos … we are the only ones that offer you that, it is a way to show you that everything is real, that there are no deceptions. Eye, not all girls are always available, we have daily assistance, we have to understand that they are normal girls, they have their schedules, sometimes they walk in their days, they leave the city … they are people like you and me, at that sometimes you are traversing things that prevent them from devoting much time to this sport.

How services work in AliciaDollsHouse.com?
It’s simple, we are not a massage room, the girls who advertise here, in 80% of cases, this is a way to get extra income, so to make an appointment you should check the availability of the girl and coordinate to schedule it. You will find in the profiles the schedules of each of them, what they do and what they do not do. To help you choose, in each profile I give you a brief description of how I see the girl, what I think you can expect from her. As a support, you can always take a look at the customer comments on the girls, they will probably help you.


The girls come alone or do they bring them?
The girls go on their own, some in their own car, others in a taxi, hence the subject of organizing well at the time of making an appointment.


The comments of the profiles are real? Are they edited?
Comments are 100% real, if Czechs are not all good, if someone makes a complaint with respect, the complaint remains. When a comment is deleted it is offensive. You have to respect the girls first of all.


I’ve done badly in a service, what’s the point?
When you do poorly in a service, you have to analyze why. Not all girls are for all customers, you have to choose something more according to your tastes, not only that the photos fill your eye. For example, there are girls who are very new to this, you can not ask a girl so she overflows passion, you must guide her at the beginning of the event so that she feels comfortable, an amateur girl is impossible not to get nervous … if the girl enters rape mode to the room … is not amateur. That it goes well, depends on input, that your choice is correct, hence we are the only agency in Monterrey that makes a personalized profile of the girls. As extra content, we also allow customer feedback, so that there is customer-to-customer feedback.

In the event that the election has been good, but the service of the girl was not at the level of what was promised, you can talk to me with confidence, and if we see that we have done something wrong in the agency, we will look for how to compensate you.


I made an appointment and the girl always could not, what happened?
We must bear in mind that sometimes we all have unforeseen events, it is not something that usually happens to us, but just as the client sometimes gets through something, the girls, even with the appointment, sometimes go through some inconvenient … usually it’s usually something personal. It is not something that happens frequently. But if it happens, we will call you and offer you another option for you to choose, and we will gladly give you a discount for a next appointment with the girl who could not attend you. It is important that they understand that when something like this happens, it is not in bad faith, sometimes we all have unforeseen problems.


Girls wear condoms?
Normally yes, but we return to the same thing, they are not professionals, sometimes the girl leaves the university to help you, not always with several condoms in the bag, stockings, garters, etc …

Where do the promotions apply?
The promotions only apply in the downtown area of ​​Monterrey, due to transportation issues. In the case of customers with TCF, the price if it is respected is where the service is (the discount on the price, not the transfer, in case it is necessary to charge it.


In the profile of the girl she says she does oral without, but she did it with me.
The oral without is something that the girls do when they feel comfortable with the client, if she looks at you well groomed, there will be no problem.


I asked the girl with lingerie and he did not bring her.
Being able to fulfill something like that depends on how long you schedule the appointment. If you give me 45 minutes of margin, and when I call the girl she is not at home, if she goes, she changes, grabs the lingerie you asked for, and returns, it will take a long time. When you want something special, please ask for it with time and we will gladly satisfy you, we love the fantasies.


The girls how long it takes to get to the events?
It depends on what girl, and wherever. Many times the clients get confused, if you want the girl to arrive at your room at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, you must pass the room at 4 o’clock in some cases, or at 4.30 o’clock. It depends on which motel it is, and what a girl. If you choose a girl who lives far away, you can not cross the city in half an hour, it also depends on the time, during peak hours you spend more time on the road … you already know that, crossing Monterrey takes time. If you go badly of time, I advise you to check with someone from the agency to see what girl would arrive before, we will gladly give you options. Otherwise, we need a margin of about 45 minutes from the time you pass the room until the girl arrives with you.

I go bad of time, can the girl send without having the room number?
That is an exercise in mutual trust, to do something like that, I have to meet you, so we only do it with clients we have known for a long time, or with clients who bought the Frequent Customer Card. Otherwise, taking into account that the girls move by their own means, we can not send it until you settle, it may be that you have an inconvenience, they speak to you for a meeting, shocks or any unforeseen event that prevents you from having your appointment, and the girl has spent the money moving.

Charge transfer?
It depends on where the appointment is, in the metropolitan area of ​​Monterrey, 85% of the motels do not … in the rest of cases, you have to consult

They attend in any area?
Depends on the time, there are areas of Monterrey that at night you can not now venture one to move.

Attend at home?
Only with well-known clients, it is an exercise of confidence.

Is it necessary to leave my cell phone to book?
What safety do I have that they do not misuse it, that they would not bother me?
Both the client and we need maximum discretion, we seek a time of pleasure that does not complicate our private life. You can rest easy, we will not bother you except to confirm the appointment. If you do not like to give the cel, you can install and call from the motel, but in that case, you can not reserve a girl, you have to ask for them and choose one.

What are the benefits of buying the Frequent Customer Card (TCF)?
In reality, the client that takes advantage of the TCF is the one that contracts several times a year, gives discounts, so with three or four appointments, depending on the category, you amortize it. From there, the profitability will depend on what you hire … most of those who have bought it have renewed, for an extreme sportsman it is very useful. In addition, there are the extra benefits … manage weekly newsletter, updated information before uploading it to the web, the TCF are the ones that baptize the new escorts, they can attend the photo sessions … I leave you the link for more info TCF

If I am a client of Aliciadollshouse.com and I am not in the city, what services do you recommend?
We are working in a stable way in the following cities:


If you have any question that does not appear in this list, do not hesitate to ask us in the comments, we will gladly respond.


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  1. Hello,

    I am a young 30 year old American in Monterrey on business and wanted to get a girl to have fun with – I’m here with my wife so I want someone who is okay with couples … please email me so we can get this set up

    Martel / Responder
  2. Will the girls visit the SLP Hilton? Any extra charge?

    Flyer2 / Responder
  3. I would like to reserve a girl today at 4pm in Garza García for 2 hours. I prefer Helen if she’s available. Please email me back quickly if that is possible.


    Ryan / Responder
  4. I do not speak Spanish, will this be a problem? Do many of the girls speak English?

    Randy / Responder
    • It is not a problem. There are some girls who speak English. And with the others … there is always a way to understand each other! hehe

      Alicia / (in reply to Randy) Responder
  5. Will the Crown Plaza let the girls in?

    kEITH kORMAN / Responder
  6. Hi, will the fiesta inn express monterrey centro let the girl inn?

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